Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wild Turkeys

A family of wild turkeys invaded my neighborhood today. Here is the tom. He had about 7 hens and juveniles following him. What a sight! Lester saw them and went crazy.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jeremy points the way

I hope this shot looks natural. It was not posed.

The gang

Mushroom stump

I've never seen so many mushrooms together in one spot, except at the grocery store. Big Sur camping trip, January 6-7, 2007


With Lester for scale, you can see this formation is about as tall as a house.


I really liked this little area where the rain had created some interesting formations in the clayey red earth.

Darkness ceding to the morning light

I think I had the flash on.

Clouds and red clay

I like how the clouds came out in this shot, without a polarizer.

Early morning light

This is one of a series of shots I took on an early morning hike. I took a lot of shots of branches against the sky, to see what the camera could do with it.

Lester at the dog park

Lester looks like he's about to fly.

Eagle Peak

It was raining off and on, December 9, 2006. My friends Bill S. and Bill K. were enjoying lunch under the umbrellas, while I was sharing some of my lunch with Lester, between photos.